I Have Been and Shall Always Be Your Fan… a Star Trek Blog Post!

A long and wild journey that I decided to undertake a few years ago has finally started to see it’s time of completion.  I’ve always been a trekkie, but never had I watched the series chronologically until I decided to do it shortly after finally subscribing to Netflix a few years ago.  I didn’t think it would be this wild of a task, but after more than 700 (yes SEVEN HUNDRED) plus episodes and films; I am two films away from finally getting to Star Trek Discovery on CBS All Access.  It feels so weird, but so beautiful at the same time.  I had seen Star Trek Enterprise before, but not in order and not all of the episodes.  It was awesome to see the beginnings of human spaceflight after only imagining it after watching the film Star Trek First Contact years prior.  It was great to watch The Original Series and see the first 6 films in greater context as well.  The Next Generation was also a great watch to see the progression of these characters and to finally see the Enterprise-D in all of its glory in 1080p HD was awesome once I got to the first TNG film.  She finally got the look she deserved, only to meet her end on Viridian III.  Seeing the progression of the Starfleet uniforms was also a treat to see.  It was only after watching the entirety of the 7 seasons of TNG did I realize how rushed Star Trek Generations felt like to me now.  If you ever notice, the uniforms of the crew are all mismatched.  Some crew members are wearing a previous version of the Starfleet uniform, while others were wearing the newest.  It was so off-putting, and if it wasn’t for me being fresh off the series, I wouldn’t have caught it.  Well, actually I didn’t the first few times I watched it, until I did so again during my chronological journey.

I had hardly watched an episode of Deep Space Nine previous to this adventure, so seeing those 7 seasons unfold was another thing of beauty for me.  Deep Space Nine was the only series to have made me really cry and feel so deeply thanks to an episode where Benjamin Sisko (the main character of the show) gets lost in space time and shows up at different points in time in his son’s life.  The emotions by both characters were so real to me that near the end of the episode I was crying.  I’m sure I blogged about it previously, but that just shows you what a great series this was.  I’m sad that we really don’t know what happened to any of these characters.

As for Star Trek Voyager, what can I say?  I had seen handful of episodes beforehand as well but never really set the time aside to see the series.  I was also not disappointed in the series and the characters.  The creators took a great and bold step by setting the series in a previously unexplored quadrant of our galaxy.  I will admit, however, that season 7 was really rough towards the end, and the end of the series should have lasted at the very least 3 more episodes to really wrap the story up, but oh well.  Seeing the then admiral Janeway give Captain Picard instructions to go to Romulus in the last Star Trek film of the original cannon, Star Trek Nemesis was just ok enough to let me know that things ended up ok for the crew after their 7 year journey in the unknown.

Speaking of that last film, by all accounts, it was a mess and a horror to work on.  The director didn’t even like Star Trek The Next Generation, hadn’t seen any episodes of the show or any previous film, and didn’t even know the characters.  The writing of the film likewise sucked.  It was a sad movie to end the journey.  I’m glad to know that we’re going back to the prime timeline when Star Trek Picard premieres in January, though.  I hope to get episodes to tell us viewers of what happened to the crew of Voyager, what’s happened to Captain Sisko of Deep Space Nine?  Did he ever go back to his wife and the child she was carrying before he left to be with the prophets?  What’s happened with the Bajorans and the Cardassians?  Did they keep the peace?  Is Bajor now part of the Federation?  Have the Cardassians finally given up their crazy ideas of Alpha Quadrant supremacy and possibly even joined The United Federation of Planets themselves?  How is the rebuilding of Cardassia Prime going?  What about Garak?  Did he lead his people through all of it considering that he was a major player in freeing his people from the grips of The Founders and The Dominion?  I hope we get those answers and more in Star Trek Picard, even though the show is focused on the former captain of the Federation Starships Enterprise D&E.  We’ve been confirmed to see Seven of Nine from Voyager in this series, so why not take a few episodes to answer some of the fans questions like mine from previous series?

As for Star Trek Discovery, I only know bits and pieces about what’s going on.  I saw the first episode as that premiered on CBS and heard and read tidbits on the rest of the series.  I didn’t like the look of the Klingons as they changed their appearance again from what we saw in The Original Series (that got explained in Enterprise) to the classic look of the Klingons from the Original Series’ films all the way until Star Trek Into Darkness (the 2nd Kelvin Timeline film) and now Star Trek Discovery, but again from what I understand the appearance gets explained.  Fair enough.  How am I going to react to seeing yet another actor take on the role of Captain Christopher Pike?  I don’t know.  Spock likewise.  Until I see it, I don’t think I like the fact that Zachary Quinto didn’t play him here.  The way it’s supposed to be is that even though there are multiple mirrored universes, the appearance of the characters is the same, so why not have Quinto play that part as he was the only other person aside from Leonard Nimoy to play the part?  I’m sure this new dude is awesome and I can’t make an opinion yet, but we’ll see.  Another thing I have concern for, now that I think of it, is the look of the technology.  I liked that things looked pretty modern to us in that first episode of Discovery, but maybe it was a little too modern as opposed to what we saw in The Original Series and it’s 6 films.  I have no idea how Star Trek Picard looks like ship technology wise, but I just hope that the displays look nearly the same as they did the last time we saw them timeline wise in the film Star Trek Nemesis.  Fingers crossed!

So, there it is!  I’m excited!  I have two more films in the Kelvin timeline to watch, Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond, then two seasons plus a few short treks go to on Star Trek Discovery before I’m completely caught up with the Star Trek universe.  I can’t believe I made it from start to finish.  What am I going to do with all my free time now?  I suspect that I will finally watch all of those shows that I have neglected on Netflix and Hulu!  What a strange world I’m going to!

Live long, and prosper!

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