End of Summer Cleaning

Hi y’all!

Welcome to the officially downturn on the year.  2019, we hardly knew thee!  What the heck, right?!  It’s hard for me to think of it, but it’s true.  We’re now into September and that means the summer is almost over along with it’s crazy assed heat.  I started noticing the change 2 weekends ago while I was watching NFL preseason football on a Saturday afternoon and the sun had already set over the Franklin Mountains (that I see directly out of my front window), but it was only 7pm!  Gone were the days of sunlight until 9pm.  Each day for the next few months will be shorter than the day before it.  I don’t know about y’all, but I LOVE it!  There’s nothing like getting home with the sun setting at around 4:30pm and being in complete darkness by 5pm.  It’s pretty beautiful and I’m looking forward to that in the next few weeks and months ahead.

Speaking of changes and the like, as I mentioned in my previous post, for some wild reason a few weeks back I went into total cleaning mode.  Granted that ever since I moved into the new flat, I had left my mom’s things in plastic bags (take that hippies hahaha!) in the shelves of my bathroom, it finally started to bother me that I was totally clean and organized everywhere but like 3 trouble spots in my joint.  The bathroom, my rolling storage container at the front door, and my damn dresser were the spots.  After the great vegetable oil disaster in my kitchen prompted me to address the counterspace where I keep empty booze bottles full of memories and the washing of various styles of glassware in the cabinets above and around, it sparked the cleaning and reorganizing bug in me.  I finally took to taking everything off the shelves in the bathroom and laying it all out on my bed to organize.  I went to the Target across the street and got containers to put the things in and found that beautiful feeling of having everything clean and organized that I crave so much and so often.  This all happened AFTER I got to my dresser, mind you!  The only thing that was left was my rolling storage container.  The odd thing about all of this was that after 4 months of dread, I got the routine notice about pest control spraying, so that meant moving out of my kitchen for a day.  Considering that I had already washed ¾ of my glassware, this was going to be a breeze and actually work into my end of summer cleaning.

After moving everything out yesterday during my supposed day off in anticipation of having this pest control done today, I found myself wondering how hoarders do it.  As it looks like right now in my flat, I have dishes, pots, pans, and containers all over 4 out of 5 cushions on my couch.  I have pots, pans, and kitchen devices up against a wall and my digital video cabinet, and 3 out of my 4 seats and sitting area on my kitchen table are taken up with my Keurig machine, knife block, and other handy materials.  Hoarders live this way as a regular lifestyle!  I could never.  I mean, I have a lot of stuff, but not anywhere near to this level.  Funny enough, I’ve gotten to the point of throwing things out that I really don’t use.  The thought of being trapped in a house full of things like amazes me.

All I know is that it feels like I have gone through a renewal.  There’s nothing like rearranging things to make things a little better.  If only I could find a way to zone out for the 2+ hours it’s going to take to put my house back together this afternoon.  Holy SMOKES.

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