It’s the Last Monday in August!

Hi y’all!

Man, what a time I’ve been having as of late.  Yes, we’re 23 days removed from the mass shooting here in the city, and as far as I go, things seem to be back in order.  So much has been happening lately that I don’t even feel like it’s only been those 3 weeks since I was paralyzed with fear.

To catch you up with some things in my life, thanks to one of my best friends and bandmates moving back into town after 6 years gone, our band is back in full swing of things.  We have our first return gig in over 6 years booked at a bar I’ve been to a lot of times (that sounds bad, right?) and each practice we’ve had we’ve sounded better and better.  I’m really looking forward to September 6th and going back on stage to perform in front of a crowd.  There’s nothing like that feeling.

My personal life is still a fun little wreck.  I wish I could really express everything I’m feeling, but I don’t even know how to, honestly.  I just try to take that part of my life day by day and take the good with the bad and pray for more good than bad.

Speaking of good things, I don’t know what the heck came over me last week, but I had the inclination to clean and organize my dresser in my room and also to rearrange my drum storage area in my room too.  It’s odd when one wonders why the hell they keep the things that they do sometimes.  I had been holding on to some stuff that I should have thrown out a long time prior, but I just never did.  This is one of my weird quirks.  Considering that I get ridiculed for my meticulous cleaning, it’s odd that I let things like that slip sometimes.  I’m super clean, tidy, and organized, but even my organization just slips by the wayside sometimes.  It felt good to toss out the things that I needed to and to put all of my books onto one place and see everything neat and organized again.  I didn’t even stop there.  Since I moved into my place over 3 years ago, I had some of my mom’s things that my dad’s wife had originally wanted to throw away just put into plastic bags on the shelving in my bathroom.  I had everything else kinda clustered there on my shelves as well as I just didn’t put emphasis on organizing those things.  That was until I decided to after my dresser fun.  I ended up throwing a few things out that I was keeping too, organized my travel bag, and everything else, bought some plastic storage boxes and completely rearranged the shelves.  MAN!  What a difference that made!  Doing those two little projects just made me feel so relaxed and happy.  Hell, I’m forgetting about a forced cleaning that I had to do on my kitchen as well that happened last Thursday!  I was reminded that mixing ice and 375°F hot vegetable oil do not mix well.  About 1.5 liters of said oil overflowed from my deep fryer onto one of my kitchen counters where I keep a few cool beer and liquor bottles I’ve collected over the years along with my knife block, and also spilled down the side of some of my kitchen cabinets AND the floor, so I took about 3 hours out of my Thursday afternoon to deconstruct that area, clean everything up, and rearrange my bottles and knife block and ended up with even more space than I had before as well.  Even though that was a forced cleaning and rearranging, it brought me a lot of satisfaction to have that clean and organized.

So now that brings me to my everlasting battle with my fitness.  For as much jump starting as I seem to do all the time, I also do an equal amount of “yeah, how about no.” to that as well.  What the heck, right?!  Each week it seems to be that something else is hindering my goals to get back to the gym and lose the weight.  I’m hoping that maybe now with things getting back to normal yet again, this can be a possibility.  I’ll be honest, it’s getting tiring fighting this battle and I know I can’t give up, but dang it is a pain in the ass!  Slow and steady wins the race, though, right?  I just hope so!  Wish me luck on that front, my friends!

Here’s to hoping that this Monday brings forward renewed energy!

Talk again soon!

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