Never Too Late

“Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something.”

  • Winnie The Pooh

This past weekend was quite a good one for me.  I did a lot of nothing.  If you know me in the real world, you know that this is nothing new.  However, with that said, this was a different kind of nothing for me.  I made it a movie and relaxing weekend.  I rented 4 movies from one of my trusty area Redbox locations and after some dinner, cleaning, and organizing, I got on with the show.  I had such a mixed bag of films.  Action, Superhero, and even a kid flick were the ones I chose.  I was going to try to watch all 4 on Friday, but seeing as I started the films late on Friday night, I knew I wouldn’t last. 

To be quite honest, it all worked out for the better for me.  Saturday morning brought along Sicario:  Day of the Soldado, a breakfast and few phone calls from family break, then finally Christopher Robin.  I don’t know if I’m one of the last ones to see this film, but I can’t recommend it enough.  I’ll admit that I’m the worst now about going out to the pictureshows to see films there and part of me is sad that I didn’t see this one at one, but also I’m glad I waited to see it in the comfort of my flat because it got a lil’ dusty in there for a second.  Let me explain and try to make it as non-spoilery as possible.  The premise of this film was that after holding one last party with the group in Hundred-Acre Wood, Christopher Robin goes to boarding school, grows up, meets his wife, they have a kiddo, and we catch up with them 30 years after the farewell party to find Christopher Robin in a job that takes up all of his time which makes him sad and absent as a husband and father.  Enter a day in Hundred Acre Wood where Pooh, after not being able to find the rest of the group, stands at the door in the tree where Christopher Robin would come through, and missing him dearly, walks through the door after it opens for him.  Hilarity ensues after that with a lot of super cute and heartwarming moments, but the one that suckerpunched me right in the feels was this one, and I’ll warn you of spoilers now.  Skip the next paragraph if you don’t wanna know it!

 So, Christopher Robin and Pooh go back through the tree in Sussex to Hundred Acre Wood so that Christopher Robin can drop Pooh off with the rest of the group and he can get back to doing the work he needed to do.  Of course Pooh gets them going in a circle and Christopher Robin gets angry at him and tells him to just go away (in so many words) and suddenly Pooh disappears.  Christopher Robin then goes looking for him and ends up finding the Eeyore going down a stream accepting his fate as the end of his life but also mistaking the grown up Christopher Robin for a heffalump.  Christopher Robin rescues Eeyore then ends up finding the rest of the group hiding in a tree stump because the noise that a wind direction thingy (you know what I’m talking about!) makes them think that a woozle and a heffalump are out to destroy them.  After finding them in said tree stump, he had to convince them that he was indeed Christopher Robin by defeating the imaginary heffalump a ways away where Owl can only see a bit of the action and Rabbit can hear what’s going on.  Eeyore knows it’s fake all along but goes along with knowing that it really is Christopher Robin in front of him and once the imaginary heffalump is defeated the group all comes out of hiding and they all embrace him and they go out to find Pooh.  In a moment of clarity, Christopher Robin remembers exactly where to find him, which is the tree branch that serves as a bench where they would always talk.  Well, holy smokes, they get there and as soon as Christopher Robin sees the red balloon that Pooh asked Christopher Robin to buy him at the train station in London, they knew that he was found.  Oh man.  I just about lost it then.  I really don’t know why.  Even thinking about it now gets me emotional.  I think it’s because since Christopher Robin was so mean to Pooh for wasting their time going in a circle when Christopher Robin had his adult things to do instead of play and to know that Pooh was there at the fallen tree branch where he would normally be to wait for him… seeing that act of forgiveness by actions alone just melted my heart.  Even the next lines got me right in the feels even worse than that!

“Christopher Robin: Hello Pooh.

Winnie the Pooh: Hello Christopher Robin.

Christopher Robin: I’m sorry Pooh. I’m so terribly sorry. I should never had shouted at you.

Winnie The Pooh: Well I am a bear of very little brain.

Christopher Robin: No Pooh. You are I think a bear of very big heart.”

Oh man.  It took all I could to not hit pause on remote control and just let myself lose it there.  Seriously.  Here was Christopher Robin’s best friend taking blame for something that Christopher Robin did himself!  He didn’t need to do that.  He took it and didn’t even think twice of it.  He was just happy to have his best friend back.  Holy smokes.  Waterworks time!  Now, I’ll say that it’s hitting me in the feels not because I’m an unforgiving person.  I’m the exact opposite.  The thing that got me was that no matter that 30 years past and Christopher Robin all but forgot about all of his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood, his friends didn’t.  They thought about him every day that he was gone.  They greeted him with open arms like the prodigal son parable that Jesus Christ talked about.  It didn’t matter what had happened in the past, who was thought of and who wasn’t.  What mattered was right then and there.  That was part of it for me.  The other big part that just hit me like a million tons of bricks was that I’ve forgotten how to play too in the recent years.  I don’t know why, but I have.  Maybe I thought that it’s just not something that adults should do.  We should be grown-ups!  There’s no time to play!  There’s only time for work, and being responsible, or being stupid and partying too hard, but absolutely no time to just play.  Doing nothing and seeing where it leads you… none of that.  None of that has happened lately.  It’s gotten so bad for me that I haven’t really played with my nephews much lately and the thought of the young one desperate to  play with me and me engaging but not engaging as much as I should and the guilt that brought seeing what was just happening in the movie almost broke me.  I have become the grown up Christopher Robin!  It’s all about being responsible now.  I’m trying to get to the gym, keep my flat spotless, do laundry, visit and take care of my grandparents, and keep my bills current and that doesn’t give me time or the attitude to just play with my nephews when I see them, or to just go out on a Saturday and do something fun for fun’s sake.  I’m too busy trying to recharge my batteries from having such a busy Monday through Friday schedule that even when I think I’m having fun I’m really not.  It’s like I’m putting the proverbial small Band-Aid on a gaping wound that really isn’t helping much. 

What am I going to do about it?  I’m going to enjoy the free moments in my life now.  I’m going to play with my nephews when they ask me to.  I’m going to try to take the upcoming Saturdays and try and see where they take me when I plan to do nothing.  I’ve already started on it, as I saw the kiddos yesterday and I was eager to play with them.  It was so heartwarming.  As soon as they got to my old man’s house, the little one immediately pulled out his toys and decided right then and there to give me one.  I have no idea why, but he did and I gladly took it.  We played a bit with all of his other toys, and once we started playing a game on his tablet, I tried my best to catch up with my older nephew who was playing the same game but was levels ahead of us.  It was awesome.  These kids are like the Pooh to my Christopher Robin.  It doesn’t matter to them that tío David plays a bit with them every now and again and acknowledges them; they get excited every time they see me.  I’ve never lost the love for them at all, and I would do everything within my power for them, but I’ve been absent as a playmate because I’ve been too damn busy adulting.  I’m going to make an effort to not do that anymore.  We’re gonna play again from now on until the teen years happen, which for one of them is right around the corner and the other is about 8 years away.  Then I suppose I can start to adult again.  By then I’ll be 46.  That’s a good year to maybe grow up a bit again, but for the time being, I’m gonna play again.

Winnie The Pooh: What day is it?

Christopher Robin: It’s today.

Winnie The Pooh: My favorite day.

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