Forever a Clone

I'm just a clone, talking away while nobody listens

Let’s Stay Together

Well, better late than never, right!?  Plus, who the hell reads the “about me” after the fact anyway?  So, here goes.  Here are the other places you can follow my misadventures!


  • If you want to see my friends insult me on the reg, check out my facebook page!
  • Want to see me retweet comedians like Joey Diaz and or see me give quick 140 character rants or post dumb pictures?  Check out my twitter page!
  • Want to see pictures and video clips (when stupid Instagram doesn’t delete them because of copyright laws. UGH!) of my world, check out my Instagram feed!
  • Do you want to see 10 second snippets of some of my favorite music? Or see 10 second pictures of wild things I see?  Follow me on SnapChat @ CloneSNDrummer.


Let’s party together!


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Stay Together

  1. The about section is usually the first place I go when I discover a new blog 😛

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