Forever a Clone

I'm just a clone, talking away while nobody listens

A Lot of Tomorrows

Today in my little world, I have a happy thought to share!  No frustrating thoughts at all.  I promise!


So!!  I’ve always been one of those weirdos who is interested in futurism.  I’ve loved every aspect of it, especially retro-futurism and retro-futurists.  Not that I’m anywhere near the biggest Disney fan out there, I can honestly say that my favorite area in the Disney parks I would gravitate to would be Tomorrowland because it was Walt Disney’s vision of what the future could be that always got my imagination going and honestly still does.  Sadly the film inspired by the park kinda let me down as there wasn’t enough time, in my opinion, spent in the “real” Tomorrowland.  Damn mouse!  Tricked me into renting that movie and keeping me in Presentland!  Hahaha!  At least I have movies like Back to the Future II, Star Trek (the entire series, etc…), and shows like Westworld which just debuted and I’m hooked on to see future events!


Anyway, besides that, I’ve always found magazines like Popular Mechanics and the like that give articles on what is being developed and what could be developed so fascinating.  That curiosity lead me to run a quick google search on futurism and what people thought and some of the theories have blown my mind.  There was one dude who thinks that some nanobite type of things we’re creating now could be inserted into our brains and after that we could/would be able to upload our thoughts into the cloud and download ideas as well therefore giving us all shared knowledge.  How crazy is that, right?  Another website gave a timeline going from the recent history, shooting past the current time, and going all the way until the possible end of the universe which happens to be beyond 10100 where according to scientific theory, “The last remaining black hole has evaporated.  From this point onwards the universe consists only of photons, neutrinos, electrons and positrons – with no way of interacting with each other.  The universe continues to expand forever… but is essentially dead.”  10100 years in the future is wayyyyy too far for me to even think about but what is predicted to happen really just trips me out.  That last sentence really struck home with me too, “The universe continues to expand forever… but is essentially dead.”  Damn, right?  All energy is just gone.  Darkness.  Nothing.  How tripped out is that?!  Not that I’m thinking of the end, or end times or anything, but that thought just gets me.  For every alpha there is an omega.  That’s just the way it is.


I know I’m not going to live longer than maybe another 80 years or so which will take me to around 2090, but man would I love to see what’s going to happen in our immediate future, like into the 24th century.  What’s going to become of us as a species?  I’m really hoping that the people who have a thirst for violence and war find a way to go away and we live in a harmonious, peaceful society.  That would be cool, wouldn’t it?  We can only hope and dream that it happens.  Hopefully our descendants get their crap together and figure out that violence, hatred, and evil aren’t the answer.


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