Little Things

In this long journey of mine since the crossroad that I traversed back in July of 2011 (that I’ve blogged about on multiple occasions), I’ve come to realize that it’s the little things that really matter in this world of ours.  Here’s a question while I ponder that thought.  Does anybody else appreciate the small things like the perfect weather (for me that’s 68-72 F, a 2mph breeze, and the sky to be slightly overcast), the company of somebody that you don’t have to work hard to just have a great time with doing nothing with, or just contemplating life (as I like to call it) while admiring the beauty all around you?

That’s what I’ve been doing a lot of lately, especially this past month.  I am finding out that I’m the happiest when I’m sitting on my couch with the blinds that cover my living room window open as I watch the sun set.  Sometimes I change things up and listen to a podcast while I’m doing it or even listen to some relaxing music and just sit and admire the creations that God made.  I know I’m sounding like some sort of head case right now (LOL), but it really is those small things that make me the happiest.  Now I understand why you hear of older people doing that too.   Master Yoda was right all along too, you know?

“Adventure.  Excitement.  Pfft!  A Jedi craves not these things!”

 For as much as I relate to the Sith and Darth Bane, Master Yoda had it right too.  It’s all about peace.  Peace in all of its forms too come to think about it.  It’s all about the harmony for me now.  No more chaos, no more allowing negative energy to linger, no more need to find those dark areas in the world where nothing but pain and suffering thrive.  I’m loving the small moments and places in life more than ever now.  I do that everywhere too, not just my living room.  Any time I’m visiting a place, I always take the time to slow down and appreciate my surroundings.  I do that to remind myself about just how lucky I am to live where I do and have been fortunate enough to see the places I’ve seen.  I don’t take anything for granted anymore either.  It’s my belief that we shouldn’t.  A word of advice; don’t take relationships for granted, my friends.  Don’t take the blessings that God gives us for granted either.  Take the time to pause and take a look around at the small details.  Sometimes it’s the small details that bring us the most joy.

2 thoughts on “Little Things”

  1. the small things are the ones that mean the most. since i realized that i feel so much better. even if it’s just a foggy field on my way to school/work in the morning. it can be a bird singing outside my window. it can be a song on the radio. it can be a smile from someone i like. i just find myself enjoying life so much more since i started to notice those small things.
    life has so much more to offer. people have to open their eyes and see the world. it can’t be perfect all the time, sure, but in every day – no matter how bad it seems – there is something small that should be appreciated and helps you to feel better.
    The key to being happy is simple: wake up and decide to be in a good mood.

    xo, grey.

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