Forever a Clone

I'm just a clone, talking away while nobody listens


What does your self-image look like?  Do you like what you see when that mug looks back at you in the mirror?  I’ve asked myself that question recently and it wasn’t until just recently that I said “you damn right I do!”  I’ve learned a very important thing overall recently that I just briefly touched on with my last post which was acceptance.  I’ve learned to accept a lot of things in my life in the last 15 years, to be honest.  I think that now, finally, at the age of 35 I’m finally learning true acceptance.  And it’s acceptance of everything, you know?  Acceptance that there are assholes in the world, people who think selfishly, people who think selflessly, short people, tall people, fat fucks like me, people too thin for their own good, and people of every color.  I could go on, but you catch my drift.  I’ve always eyed people as equals to me, which pissed off a few because in my eyes I’m not better than anybody else and nobody is better than me.  We’re all the same.  The difference is now, for some crazy reason, I’ve finally viewed myself in the same light.

I used to have a bad self-image.  I didn’t like what stared back at me too much.  I was too short (not that rapper.  That dude is badass), I was too fat, I had lost pigment patches, and I could go on.  Now?  I happily don’t give a damn.  I was worried about those things because of what other people would think.  Is that going to stop me from eventually getting my fat ass back to the gym?  No.  But I’m going to do it because I like to and not for any other reason.  It’s a good thing I never had that self-image problem with the way I dress because I’ve always been one to fly all over the radar with that, so that will never change.  If people look at me weird because I have my cowboy hat and boots on one day, a suit n’ tie with dress shoes the next, and have a Steel Panther shirt on with cargo shorts and Vans on the next, that’s their problem and always has been.

It’s all part of my personal happiness thing that I have going on.  I really can’t pinpoint one thing that has triggered it.  It’s probably a combination of age, and the life experience that has come with it.  The more time passes, the more positive of an outlook that I have on everything in my world.  I know it’s off putting to some people, but I make it a point to always laugh, always have a good time, and to always look at the positive as opposed to the negative in all situations.  I will tell you that keeping the bad vibes out is the way to go.

So, I say to hell with what everybody thinks of you.  I say find the joy and happiness in everything that you do.  I say tell negative energy to kick rocks.  I say to make every day a party.  We only get one shot at this life (some people get that extra continue button thanks to modern medicine, but you know what I mean) so we have to make every day the best.  Who knows when baby Jesus will call our number.  I’m sure that your self-image will improve much like mine has.


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