Forever a Clone

I'm just a clone, talking away while nobody listens

Mid 30s Daydreamer

I didn’t think I’d be back so soon, but since most of my thoughts now are really kept to myself or when I can sneak away a blast on the internet I do that, I find myself thinking a lot more lately.  It’s an odd thing that I remember now I used to do very often as a single person like I am again.  Granted, it was nice to share even the most mundane of ideas with a significant other, I really did miss just keeping those dumb ideas (and let me tell you 90% of mine ARE that) to myself as to not fear a “Really?!  You really are the dumbest ass in captivity.” Blast.  Sometimes, however, those dumb thoughts are decent enough for me to want to share with the world for whomever to read.  This is one of those times.

On my drive home earlier this afternoon, a story on NPR’s All Things Considered caught my attention… well, more than every other story does at least.  This one right here –> <–.  It got me thinking about just how connected most of us (myself included) are to our phones.  How the hell did we live prior to even the basic cellular phones that really came into the majority of our lives in the mid 1990’s?  I know I felt pretty empowered when I got my cell phone in the first quarter of 2000 at the tender age of 19.  I still have the same number, by the way.

Tangent here… I don’t know about you, but nothing annoys me more than when people constantly change their phone number.  Why is it so difficult to find one you like? It’s just a combination of 7 digits anyway (here in the States at least)!!!!  GET OVER IT, people!  Sheesh!!!!

Anyway, I felt all good about being connected all of a sudden.  What if I was driving back to my homeland of Anthony to visit my grandparents, but for some reason somebody thought I was important enough to call?!  They could do it then!!!  HOLY SMOKES!!!!!  Little did any of us know back then that it was just the beginning.  That little Nokia 5110 that everybody had was my lifeline to the world, but slowly that black and white Gameboy-esque screen with that snake game rapidly ushered in color screens and very soon after the touchscreen smartphones that we all have now.  Enough with the history lesson, the point is that we all changed.  I changed a lot after I got my cell phone.  Slowly any personal interaction was stripped away and by the time I got my Samsung Galaxy I, I was balls deep into social media and I had completely forgotten all but two phone numbers.  My house number and my grandparents.  Everybody else’s?  Gone the way of the dodo bird.  It kinda sucks, to be honest.  Why the hell did our lives have to get so simplified, but at the expense of our humanity?

Not only that, but now it seems that our creativity is going too.  Too much stimulation has been really screwing with us for a while, but I think this is really pushing it over the edge, in my opinion.  I can only speak for myself, but all of my greatest ideas have come from the times where I have just sat or laid down and just let my mind wander.  I daydream a lot.  Sometimes it gets quite annoying, but the majority of the greatest experiences of my life have come from daydreaming.  That’s how I was able to pull off a few Vegas trips (like the one I’m taking in June!!) or plan out other things in my life.  It’s only when I put my damn phone down that I am allowed to let my brain run free.  I have to do more of that!  Who knows, maybe I’ll trick my brain into not feeling like such a loser sometimes!  Hahaha!  The possibilities are endless!!!!

With all that said, even though I am in love with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, I think I’m going to try to make a better effort at just chilling out and letting my brain wander a bit.  Who knows?  The universe is a big bastard and maybe just a piece of it wants to connect to us subconsciously.  The least I could do is quit being so self centered and drowning my brain out with crap long enough to let it do just that.


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