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Star Trek > Star Wars


I’ve been thinking a lot about a touchy topic in the nerd world lately.  That topic is the ongoing war between Star Trek and Star Wars.  I seem to always be fighting a battle with all of the star wars losers all the time because of their hatred over the fact that Trek mostly deals more with philosophy, morality, and the betterment of a future us and it all so happens to take place sometimes in space.  I can see their argument, I suppose, but that’s the thing I seem to find myself looking for the older my balls get.  I’ll admit, though, that I’ve always been more of a Trek fan than a Wars fan.

This thought really all came about when I finally got the chance to see Star Trek Into Darkness and really enjoyed watching what I saw.  Granted, this like ‘09’s Trek wasn’t as traditional of a Trek movie as the previous films, this was still Star Trek.  I was reminded why I love the series and why I am looking forward to a possible future if we can get our shit together.

In keeping up with my dork boner, if you will, the thought of all thoughts came to me about why I’m such a proud Trek fan.  Tell me when the hell the last time you’ve heard people up in an outrage over the directing and/or story from what Bill Shatner did with Star Trek V:  The Final Frontier or the films Star Trek:  Insurrection or Star Trek:  Nemesis?  Never.  I think I know why.  I know why I don’t.  I enjoyed the films.  My life wasn’t ruined because of some character I didn’t like.  As a matter of fact, I only mentioned those films because those were the ones that some people didn’t like as much as the others.  Tell me of the last time star wars honk had anything good to say about Episodes 1, 2, & 3.  RIGHT!  Never!  These assholes are full of hate!  What the hell are their problems??  Jar Jar?  Haden Christiansen?  What the hell did Haden do wrong?  He did a badass job, in my opinon!  And Jar Jar, hell, Lucas did you all a favor and made him the reason the empire existed!  And furthermore, I’d argue that the star wars universe was run better as an empire.  The rebels were the ones being terroristic with shit! UGH!  Ok, now I’m pissed!  FUCK star wars!

That’s all I gotta say.


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