going with the motions

So, I’ve been meaning to write something out for a while now, but I really haven’t gotten the chance to.  Funny thing is that the idea of what to write about has been ever evolving too.  I think I finally have something to really write about.

I got to work this morning and started to catch up with some of my coworkers.  One of them asked me if I had been out this weekend, to which I told her no I didn’t, who told me something in response that is sticking with me.  They said, “You haven’t been in the mood lately, haven’t you?”  I paused for a quick second and said “No, no I haven’t.”  That’s been sticking with me.  I can’t figure out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  It should be a good thing, but at the same time, I feel disconnected.  It could just be the crazy dreams I’ve been having, I’m not sure.  In either case, things have definitely been changing for me… and for the better too.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m truly letting go of negative things in my life and getting my health back in order that my brain is rebelling wanting to keep the status quo.  I just wish I could make up my freakin’ mind.  I want to improve shit and this is what happens.  LOL.  I can’t win. 

It’s early on in this path I’m on, so I guess I shouldn’t worry too much yet.  Right?

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