Forever a Clone

I'm just a clone, talking away while nobody listens

Thinking back…

So, Gonzo and I walked at lunch the other day, and while walking and talking a thought occurred to me.  I really don’t have clear memories of my past.  And no, I was never kidnapped, pretty much the majority of my life is traumatic, and I’ve never been in a coma… So what is it?  Could I have drunk all of my memories away?  Hell… maybe.  Does anybody else have this problem?  It kinda sucks, to be honest.  I had a pretty cool childhood and teenage life.  I mean, i know that the family did roadies to California twice to check out the House that Walt built, Knotts, and Universal.  I don’t remember a solid memory of any of that.  Worse yet, i was between the ages of 8-11 when these trips happened!  Worse yet, i really don’t remember much from my trip to DisneyWorld during the christmas holiday of 1997 either.  I remember bits and pieces, but not a whole lot.  In writing this now, I really don’t remember a lot of things, even recent shit.  Could i really have drunk my memories away?  Hell, if that’s true, that really fucking sucks.  Well, wait… there’s a lot of horrible shit in my life that I’m glad I forgot.  No names and times mentioned.  heh.  I really gotta make a better effort to try to remember more significant things and people in my life.


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