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Hippie thoughts!

So, the good Reverend and I were having a meal of food yesterday at our designated lunch time, and he told me that he had watched the film Dances with Wolves over the weekend.  In our opinion, this film is quite badass and still holds up today.  I immediately started thinking about how badass it would be to in the rolling hills of the American frontier with nothing but a cabin/house/whathaveyou with the obvious items needed for survival.  Jokingly, but sorta true, I also suggested my Kate Winslet with some water based lubricant be included in my survival essentials.  After blasting that joke, I really did start to think a bit more… What the hell would I really want to take if I were to have, let’s say a 2 month excursion out where Lt. John Dunbar, Dances with Wolves if you will, kicked back with two socks and the Sioux American Indians?

That’s the thought that was on my mind most of yesterday.  It really excited me, to be honest.  Not in that way!  Wait… yes in that way too. DAMN YOU, KATE WINSLET!

Jokes aside, I think I would really enjoy that time out in nature.  I wouldn’t have much of a problem because I’m a loner anyway, and I’m really a nature-hippie at heart, so I think I would have a lot of fun.  All that I would really need would be about 3 or so 500 page college ruled spiral notebooks of paper, about 4 pens, and about 10-20 books to read.  I think I would really have a great time getting up, getting inspired by the landscape, writing stuff out, reading during the middle of the day, probably writing more towards the end of the day, and repeating that for 60 days.  F yes.  That’s awesome to me.  If I ever become rich, I’m setting this experiment up.  Who would stop me?  I wouldn’t have any debt to worry about… if I still worked, I’d take that time off, or kick rocks with the gig altogether… It would be me, baby Jesus, and the joint our ol’ man created for 60 days of fun times.  A mind cleansing that, in my opinion, we all need.  Your thoughts?

Well, signing off… i’m Tipping Toes.


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2 thoughts on “Hippie thoughts!

  1. Lunchbox on said:

    So…um, this is what you do huh?

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