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Metallica and Steel Panther

“I was never that young.”

“No, you were younger.”

Chekov and Captain Kirk aboard the USS Enterprise – B

Those were words I thought about this morning/early afternoon while watching Metallica’s Live Shit concert from San Diego.  I remembered why I have been a fan of theirs since 1991.  These guys were so full of energy, life, and that bit of “fuck you” attitude that fit in perfectly with everything that I needed growing up.  It wasn’t fun sometimes growing up short and fat.  LOL!  I suppose that’s why I have my comedy with that little sense of contempt and hatred towards a lot of things.  I needed to build up a tough skin and funny shit and Metallica were my building material.  Everybody that knew me back in the day of my late elementary, middle, then high school days always remember me wearing a Metallica shirt.  Hell, at one point, I think I remember counting having 16 Metallica shirts in my closet to wear.  I grew up with them, shared the high points, the napster situation, the near breakup when Jason decided to call it a career, the St.Anger era, and with the new life that Death Magnetic brought.


Something strange happened a few years back, though.  My complete love and devotion for the band started to fade a bit around 2009 though.  I really can’t say why.  I’m trying to think when it was that Steel Panther was beginning to become the band I’d gravitate to.  My best guess was the trip I took to Salt Lake City to visit my best friend, Joe.  For some insane reason, Steel Panther was playing for the city’s free concert series in downtown and by happenstance I was up there on my vacation.  Joe really hadn’t heard of them and I only really had stuff from the Metal Shop/Metal Skool days as Feel the Steel was to come out in October of that year, so I played the few tunes I had on my laptop, we heard “Community Property” on one of the rock stations up there, and we went to the gig.  It was fucking BADASS.  Hearing tunes like “The Shocker”, “Death to All but Metal” and “Community Property” was made even more hilarious due to the fact that this was motherfucking UTAH that this free outdoor concert was happening at.

So, yeah, it really was that point for me that Metallica was finally retired from the top of my music mountain.  It was one hell of a run.  1991-2009 would be anybody’s hell of a run.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still throw down to Metallica, wear my shirts, watch the various DVD/Blu-Ray’s, but I think I can comfortably paraphrase Lars Ulrich when he talked about seeing Jason’s Echobrain in ‘Frisco and say “Metallica is the past.  Steel Panther is the future.”  I never thought I’d say that.  Another thing I never thought I’d say, but have you heard their album with Lou Reed entitled “LuLu”?  That was a huge pile of terrible dog shit.  I know a lot of other people feel the same way as shown by their chart record.  Strange how life changes sometimes, huh?


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2 thoughts on “Metallica and Steel Panther

  1. Totally agree Dave! Love your blog posts. Keep em comin! Just read this out loud to Steve – we agreed with everything you’ve said. Have you watched “Get Him To the Greek?” haha. It was cool he made fun of himself, but Lars did come off as a total douche! The best is when he interrupts Russell Brand and he says “oh hello, enter Sandman.” …”why’d you have to go suin napster you little twit!?”. 🙂 love, Amy

    • Thanks for the support Amy AND Steve! Oddly enough, i haven’t seen that film, but i can only imagine Lars’ appearance. The reason he came across as a total douche is because he really is.

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